Internet of Things (IoT) Based surgery with Innovative Combination of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence


1Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Institute of Technology ,India, 2, Bishop Heber college,India


While examining the historical backdrop of clinical procedure, we can understand that medical practitioner have/had created and refined instruments for complicated surgeries. Development in clinical progressions is on a standard with that saw in the sickness causing specialists and infections. Since ancient time, clinical practices were performed using obtrusive medical procedures without sedation, which resulted in high mortality and post-surgery complications. This led to the emergence of effective, safe and user friendly medical instruments and procedures with little to moderately death rate. At present obtrusive methodologies are negligibly practiced, but provides less twisted related complexities, fast organ work return, and more limited hospitalizations. The success of these methods has prompted for higher acknowledgment of picture guided surgeries. We present an Internet Of things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based model that includes a computer generated experience based (VR-based) User interface and some benefits and limitations. It can be done by Raspberry pi, android application and also done by Sap cloud system.


Picture guided surgeries, Raspberry pi, Sap cloud system, IOT, AI1