Crop Quality Prediction Using Ml And Neural Networks


Kanakaveti Narasimha Dheeraj1, Goutham. R. J ,Arthi. L
Sri Sairam Engineering College ,India,


Agriculture is said to be the backbone of the economy. Farmers toil hard with different kinds of crops to make good and healthy food for the country. There are more existing systems but uses outdated machine-learning techniques based on RNN( Recurrent neural network) which makes the process slower and more time-consuming. Here We are proposing a new CNN(Convolutional neural network ) based system which is fast and gives accurate results within seconds. CNN is power-efficient and is more suitable for real-time implementation. In this project, we use CNN algorithms which is very much better than the RNN algorithms used in the existing system.More parameters will be taken for the consideration of prediction in the proposed system. And we use Random Forest Regression, Multiple Linear Regression


Convolutional neural network, recurrent neural network, Random Forest Regression, Multiple Linear Regression .