Comparative Analysis of Trust Establishment Model to Identify Malicious Nodes in SIoT


Anciline JeniferJ,Piramu PreethikaS K
Vels Institute of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies ( VISTAS ),India


Internet of Things enables the user to interact with devices which merges with Social Internet of Things (SIoT). SIoT is a new model that allows various attractive application and promote sharing of information. This can establish objects in an independent way based on the social relationship. The major issue is how to construct the trusted model and to understand how the objects interact with SIoT. In order to overcome these challenges, trust establishment model among these devices has been required before originating communication. This paper describes collaborative methods for calculating trust based on the trust evaluation system. The collaboration among the nodes can be established using encoded and decoded packets whereas the encoded packet transmission illustrates the collaboration. The each node of reliability based on the transaction factors can be assigned and their trust values can be calculated. This paper described comparison between proposed Cooperative Trust (CT) models which can be observed initially it achieves 79% trust value than the existing trust model. This framework provides more security and reliability for SIoT in order to identify the malicious nodes.


IoT devices, SIoT, security, malicious nodes, trust value, cooperation