Self Attendance using OTP in Android


Lokesh,Sahaya Jenitha,Sivanesh
Francis Xavier Engineering college,Tirunelveli,India


A Attendance is very important for every organizations, Attendance taking has evolved with better solutions from the time it was invented, from paper based to Computer based System using so many new technologies that can make it better faster and accurate. In our proposed system we make use of Self attendance using OTP. In this system there are 3 Main users; Admin responsible to add class, subjects, teachers and students; second teacher who will take the attendance and the third Student who can mark him/her as present and see their previous attendance records. The process goes like this, the teacher select the class for attendance a OTP is generated which will last for 60 seconds, the OTP need to be entered in the Student’s app and mark him/her as present, once the OTP is expired the teacher can make the necessary changes in the attendance sheet and submit the attendance.


Network Protocols, Wireless Network, Mobile Network, Virus, Worms &Trojon