FX Event Organization


Muthu Krishnan.S,Angelin Ranjithamani.D,Deepa.C
Francis Xavier Engineering college,Tirunelveli,India


Online event management system is an online event management system software project that serves the functionality of an event manager. The system allows registered user login and new users are allowed to register on the application. The system helps in the management of events, users and the aspects related to them. This proposed to be a web application. The project provides most of the basic functionality required for an event type e.g. [technical,Non-technical events,etc]. College students are advanced in thinking, who are senior and specialized professionals trained by the nation. They have independent thinking skills, and often have unique views and opinions on events. In this paper, an index is constructed to solve the difficulty of monitoring the ideological dynamics of college students, since the ideological dynamics of college students is difficulty to be captured. In particular, a visualization management information system is developed to monitor the ideological dynamics of college students based on big data. This system is based on the B/S architecture, which uses the SQL Server database. This system realizes the functions of index modification, document entry, word segmentation statistics, index correlation, keyword search, index analysis, document analysis.


Events and Registration.