Personality Prediction using through CV Analysis


Muthu selvi M, Angeline Ranjitha Mani,Abinaya V
Francis Xavier Engineering college,Tirunelveli,India


This Human Resource Management is obviously bolstered by and gave more open doors by the improvement of Job Characteristics Model (JCM) which thusly depends on the idea of present day occupation plan. Luckily, the advancement in present day data framework, computerized innovations, the general access of electronic innovation and web prompted the tendency of the worldwide Human Resource. The board improvement and make the framework more pertinent. Following the pattern, the proposed framework attempts to structure an arrangement to coordinate Job Characteristics Model into E-HR framework to scan for another model of proficient activity on Human Resource Management in the Internet Age. In this venture, we present a lot of strategies that makes the entirety enlistment process increasingly viable and productive. We have executed a framework that positions the competitors dependent on weight-age arrangement just as a bent test. Today there is a developing enthusiasm for the character attributes of an up-and-comer by the association to more readily look at and comprehend the competitor's reaction to comparable conditions. Along these lines, the framework directs a character expectation test to decide the character attributes of the applicant. At long last, it shows the consequences of the contender to the selection representative who assesses the top competitors and waitlists the applicant. This system can used in many business sectors that may require expert candidate. This system will reduce workload of the human resources. This system will help the human resource to select right candidate for desired job profile, which in turn provide expert workforce for the organization. Admin can easily shortlist a candidate based on their online test marks and select the appropriate candidate for particular job profile. This will enable a more effective way to short list submitted candidate CVs from a large number of applicants providing aconsistent and fair CV ranking policy, which can be legally justified


,Personality, Service oriented architecture, CV ranking, Aptitude, Questions, Human Resource Management