Online Auction System


Francis Xavier Engineering college,Tirunelveli,India


Online auctions are now an immensely popular component of the electronic marketplace.Online Auction management system is a web based application which will help users to buy or sell item.This application will allow users to post their products for auction; bidder can register and can bid for any available product around their location.It is developed with the objective of making the system reliable, easier and fast and to sell or order the products on the website from our house.The online auction system is based on the concept where a product is valued for the highest price.In most online auctions, the products listed for an auction are located away from the bidders location.In our auction system, the bidders or buyers can view the products in auction process which is located around his surroundings.So that the bidder or buyer can participate in auction for his nearby products.


Online auction; reliable ; highest price; nearby products; bid.