Iot Based Monitoring of Farm using Node MCU


Anitha Sethumadhavan,Janani Sakthivel,Nivetha Vridhagiri,Chitra Raman
Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai,India


Every crop has its unique level of water absorption. Some crops absorb more water and some imbibe less. The absorption of the soil differs substantially. Owing to seasonal changes, the water absorption of the soil also differs. Dry clay and wet clay absorption are discrete. The former imbibes more water and the latter imbibe less. Over irrigation affects the soil characteristics. Shallow irrigation affects plant growth. To eliminate the concern over optimally watering the field, this automatic watering system is designed using Arduino. The system comprises a soil moisture sensor (contact soil sensor), an Arduino UNO, and a servo motor. The moisture readings of different types of soils are fed to the design. Estimating and comparing the readings the plants are watered effectively


Arduino UNO, automatic system, soil moisture sensor, dc motor