Iot Based Monitoring of Farm using Node MCU


Savithri C.N, Akshaya.A, Pradeepa.K, Yuvashree.K
Sri Sairam Engineering College, India


Modern agriculture is the outcome of remarkable advancements in digital aids and data. Modern technologies are integrated in agriculture to come forth with new practices in traditional farming methods for the enrichment of healthy agriculture and production. A domain that offers mechanisms and techniques to interconnect a broad spectrum of digital devices to automate the real-life systems is Internet of Things (IoT). This paper proposes an IoT based approach for monitoring the farm using NodeMCU microcontroller. The various agricultural parameters such as temperature, humidity and soil moisture are obtained using sensors. Based on the sensor values, a smart irrigation system is presented that minimizes the usage of water. The sensor values are sent to cloud, thus providing an easy access of information to the farmer for further analysis. The proposed system helps the farmers to treat their farm in a better way to produce quality yield.


Smart farming, Internet of Things (IoT), DHT11 Temperature, Humidity Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor