Hold my Hand Application for Disabilities


Rania Aboalela, Shmokh Sebaa, Atheer Almohamadi, Rahaf Almohammadi and Ghozlan alzebali, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia


In this project, we aim to take advantage of today's technology to offer a helping hand to people with special needs. Therefore, this work suggests a control system as an Android application in addition to a website for people with special needs. Many people with special needs have problems asking for or interpreting and recognizing their needs. Hence the idea of the application is designed to work on smart devices to help them communicate and identify their understanding way. Through the keyboard or speech translation. Artificial intelligence techniques have used to enrich the work and add useful and important features such as chatbot technology. In short, this project is to make life as easy as possible for people with physical disabilities and make them go about their lives without relying on others or waiting for help.


Special needs people, Android application, Online services, Artificial intelligence, Disabilities.