Teleconsultation for Medical Doctors


Paul P. Castelltort, Reign Luis S. Oliver, Jarred Bryan A. Opulencia and Jerron Matthew O. Tesoro, FEU Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines


This paper examines how impactful the implementation of teleconsultation is to a small medical clinic that struggles to manage its patients. To respond to this issue, the researchers created a responsive web-based teleconsultation and inventory system according to the client’s needs, in doing so, digitalizing their current system to stay relevant in today’s time. Through a survey conducted after the system was completed, users tested and determined the relevance and usability of the system. The results show that the system is working as intended, and it will be both a help and an innovation for the medical clinic it was created for. This study proves that, especially in these times of crisis, technological innovation is needed to assist in continuing the day-to-day processes of medical institutions for a sense of efficiency.


Teleconsultation, Telemedicine, Inventory management system, Web consultation.