An Improved Trust-Free Approach for Preserving Privacy in Internet of Things


Sangwoo Park, Soowoong Lee and Jooseok Song, Yonsei University, Korea


As the researches for Internet of things(IoT) are very active, those for preventing privacy leakage in IoT is also getting important. Various methods have been proposed, but each has its own drawbacks such as reliance on the service provider or a trusted third party. Recently a new method called Blind Peer Approach (BLP) has been proposed to resolve the drawbacks by cooperating untrusted blind peer instead of trusted third party. Blind Peer Approach, however, is still in the early stage, therefore the detailed procedure is missing. In addition, the method still has a critical issue, which is the fact that BLP is vulnerable to trajectory attack. In this paper, we propose Enhanced Blind Peer Approach (EBLP) and its detailed procedures. This method is resilient to the trajectory attack by carefully selecting the blind peer in the feasible moving area. We analyse the resiliency for some privacy attacks for EBLP. Our analysis shows that EBLP has acceptable communication and computational costs.


Internet of Things, security, privacy, service provider, Wireless Network.