Online Education in the Perception of Hungarian Students – Results of Online Focus Groups


Nagy, Ádám1, Fekete, Mariann2, Szabó, Andrea3, Böcskei, Balázs4, 1Óbuda University, 2SZTE University, 3Institute of Political Sciences, 4Milton Friedman University, Hungary


This paper we attempted to find an answer to the perceptions and experiences related to online education, with the help of the stories told, which can adequately indicate the epidemic's effects on the 15-29-year-old age group. We can reasonably assume that the global pandemic events of 2020, 2021 and partly 2022, which are associated with digital education, may have profound and long-lasting effects on young people as a social group. However, we so far have only a few scientific findings contributing to the assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic's long-term effects on young people.


Online education, COVID-19, youth research, age group 15-29, focus groups