The Relativity of Energy and the Reversal of Time is a Shift in Perspective


Vinyasi, Independent Research at Home – Southern, California, USA


The Relativity of electrical engineering explains the reversal of time as a reversal of current resulting from electrical or magnetic reactance. This affects the frame of reference of electricity, but this is not obvious to the observer. Polarity of the sign of a simulator's time interval is derived from its power and energy assessment. Current reversal is equivalent to time reversal. Reversal of current increases voltage differences in deference to common sense. Coils of wire become generators without any significant prime mover. This requires a severe reduction of input power so as to avoid repressing these effects. The foreseeable consequence is a severe reduction of the size of energy farms putting electrical energy into the hands of third-world countries and pragmatic industry. The cost of energy can be integrated into the cost to manufacture an appliance possessing its own, built-in power supply.


efficiency, energy, relativity, time-dilation, reactance.