Disk Failure Prediction based on Multi-layer Domain Adaptive Learning


Guangfu Gao1, Peng Wu1 and Hussain Dawood 2, 1University of Jinan, China, 2 National Skills University, Islamabad


Large scale data storage is susceptible to failure. As disks are damaged and replaced, traditional machine learning models, which rely on historical data to make predictions, struggle to accurately predict disk failures. This paper presents a novel method for predicting disk failures by leveraging multi-layer domain adaptive learning techniques. First, disk data with numerous faults is selected as the source domain, and disk data with fewer faults is selected as the target domain. A training of the feature extraction network is performed with the selected origin and destination domains. The contrast between the two domains facilitates the transfer of diagnostic knowledge from the domain of source and target. According to the experimental findings, it has been demonstrated that the proposed technique can generate a reliable prediction model and improve the ability to predict failures on disk data with few failure samples.


Disk failure prediction, Transfer learning, Domain adaptation, Distance metric