A Proposal for an Open-Source Bitcoin Forensics Tool


Pedro Henrique Resende Ribeiro, Pedro Leale and Ivan da Silva Sendin, Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil


Over recent decades, the global financial paradigm has experienced significant transformations, notably the emergence and adoption of cryptocurrencies. The escalating prominence of assets like Bitcoin has inadvertently catalysed a surge in illicit activities associated with the currency. Consequently, the forensic examination of transactions within blockchains becomes imperative for the detection and surveillance of malevolent undertakings. This research delineates a preliminary pipeline for a Bitcoin forensic analysis tool. Moving forward, the ambition is to conceptualize and empirically validate this tool utilizing data procured from blockchain and ancillary sources. The methodology will harness Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), clustering of Bitcoin addresses, and an exhaustive financial analysis. Upon finalizing the pipeline, the implementation of an open-source instrument is envisioned, poised to confer substantial advantages to the broader cryptocurrency milieu.


Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Forensic Analysis, OSINT, Clustering.