An Efficient Method for Recognizing the Low Quality Fingerprint Verification by Means of Cross Correlation


V.Karthikeyan1 and V.J.Vijayalakshmi2
1SVSCE, India and 2SKCET, India


In this paper, we propose an efficient methodto provide personal identification using fingerprint to get better accuracy even in noisy condition. The fingerprint matching based on the number of corresponding minutia pairings, has been in use for a long time, which is not very efficient for recognizing the low quality fingerprints. To overcome this problem, correlation technique is used. The correlation-based fingerprint verification system is capable of dealing with low quality images from which no minutiae can be extracted reliably and with fingerprints that suffer from non-uniform shape distortions, also in case of damagedand partial images. Orientation Field Methodology (OFM) has been used as a preprocessingmodule, and it converts the images into a field pattern based on the direction of the ridges, loops and bifurcations in the image of a fingerprint. The input image is then Cross Correlated (CC) with all the images in the cluster and the highest correlated image is taken as the output. The result gives a good recognition rate, as the proposed scheme uses Cross Correlation of Field Orientation (CCFO = OFM + CC) for fingerprint identification.


Fingerprints, matching, verification, orientation field, cross-correlation