Minimisation of Key Generation Overhead in Group Key Management with Modular Exponential Function Approach


Rakesh Kumar1, Akhilesh Kumar1, Samir Shrivastava2 and Ashish Kumar Shrivastava1
1Rajkiya Engineering College, India and 2Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, India


Multicast communication experiences recipient get to issue due to forward secrecy, backward secrecy. The group key management is a productive component to handle this circumstance. Be that as it may, there are numerous entities which impact the communication, computation overhead, message size, storage overheadand so forth. There are we require proficient group key management path to deal with secure the frame function and decrease the overhead in the current approach by utilizing Key Graph. Exist key graph [7]proposed the augmentation of the double key tree to 4-ary key tree. 4-ary key tree beat the issue of re-entering as far as height of the key tree. Using a greater degree reduces the height of the key tree and, as a result, improves re-keying performance with the help of Modular Function.


Key Management, Key Generation, Modular Function, Group key management, Multicast Security.