A Delay Constrained in Multicast Routing Using JIA Algorithm


Akhilesh Kumar, Deepa Verma, Rakesh Kumar and Ashish Kumar Srivastava
Rajkiya Engineering College, India


The Distributed multicast routing protocol under delay constraints, is one of the software, which requires simultaneous transmission of message from a source to a group of destinations within specified time delay. For example. Video Conferencing system. Multicast routing is to find a routing tree which is routed from the source and contains all the destinations. The principle goal of multicast routing is to minimize the network cost. A tree with minimal overall cost is called a Steiner tree. Finding such tree is the principle of the NP complete.

Many inexpensive heuristic algorithms have been proposed for the Steiner tree problem. However, most of the proposed algorithms are centralized in nature. Centralized algorithm requires a central node to beresponsible for computing the tree and this central node must have full knowledge about the global network. But, this is not practical in large networks. Therefore, existing algorithms suffer from the drawback such as heavy communication cost, long connection setup time and poor quality of produced routing trees. So far, a little work has been done on finding delay bounded Steiner tree in a distributed manner. An effort is made in this paper to this effect. The Study reveals that the drawbacks mentioned above has been sufficiently reduced. This paper gives complete guidelines for authors submitting papers for the AIRCC Journals.