Survey Paper on Out Lier Detection Using Fuzzy Logic Based Method


Deepa Verma, Rakesh Kumar and Akhilesh Kumar
Rajkiya Engineering College, India


Fuzzy logic can be used to reason like humans and can deal with uncertainty other than randomness. Outlier detection is a difficult task to be performed, due to uncertainty involved in it. The outlier itself is a fuzzy concept and difficult to determine in a deterministic way. fuzzy logic system is very promising, since they exactly tackle the situation associated with outliers. Fuzzy logic that addresses the seemingly conflicting goals (i) removing noise, (ii) smoothing out outliers and certain other salient feature. This paper provides a detailed fuzzy logic used for outlier detection by discussing their pros and cons. Thus this is a very helpful document for naive researchers in this field.


Data mining, fuzzy logic, Outlier Detection. Artificial Intelligent Information Systems