Talent Management in Education Sector


Shweta Tyagi, Gurinder Singh and Tripti Aggarwal
Amity University, India


Attract, develop and retain employees by assured pipeline of knowledgeable and qualifying people is important for the success of the institutions which is known as talent management. The main issues facing by the educational institutes is shortage of competent and qualified faculties. It has resulted in institutions focusing on how to retain the talent and how to develop them. Where institutions are running at risk of talent crisis talent retention is the not only the choice of the managers but also the need for the institutions. The important factors which contributes to faculty retention and recruitment are benefits, supportive environments, spouse employment opportunities, start-up and resources and salaries. This research paper provides few strategies which institutions can adopt for attracting and retaining talent which is bestavailable for them.


Talent Retention, Talent Acquisition and Talent Development, Education Sector, Strategies