Review Six Stroke Engine


Dhirendra Patel, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Chirag Sarda and Ritu Raj
Amity University, India


Now a day the most difficult challenges in engine technology is to increase its thermal efficiency, If the efficiency is higher, than there will less fuel consumption and lower atmospheric emissions per unit of work produced by the engine. In Six Stroke engine, the name indicates a cycle of six strokes in which two are useful power strokes. The engine which we get by adding two more stroke in existing four stroke engines generates more power with higher fuel efficiency. The exhausted heat generated form four stroke cycle is used in this engine to get an additional power and exhaust stroke of the piston in the same cylinder. In this engine, steam is produce from water with the help of heat generated from four-stroke cycle, which is later used as a working fluid for the additional power stroke. This steam will force the piston down. As well as extracting power, the additional stroke cools the engine by water which is used for steam generation and removes the need for a cooling system which is used in four stroke Otto cycle and makes the engine lighter and giving 40% increased efficiency over the normal Otto cycle. In six stroke engine. The pistons go up and down six times for each injection of fuel. These six stroke engines have two power strokes: one by fuel, one by steam