A Study on the Mac Technolgy and Access Network Over 3G Systems


Shalu Chauhan1, Ankit Tripathi2 and Vartika Anand2
1SRM University, India and 2RKGIT, India


Access network architecture and media access control technique are the requirements of beyond 3G mobile communication systems for B3G systems [1]. The proposed novel access network architecture is that the network complexity isminimized and maximizes system performance. The Centralized mini-slot packet reservation multiple access (CMPRMA based on OFDMA is proposed which not only can acquire the advantages or good assets of MPRMA and support or guide Real-time traffic in well manner but can also give the resource reservation scheme for data traffic and support transmission for data traffic efficiently.


B3G System, CMPRMA, OFDMA, MAC Protocol, MPRMA